RE-Spark Workshop

Empathy and Strengths asleep – need a Re-spark!

Expand + Embrace + Can-do

To expand Comfort zone, embrace the challenge with strong resilience and can-do attitude

Spark workshop consists of five key elements in People and Change Management. It is ideal for team-building and retreat purposes, where the theme of each session can be tailor-made to the specific brief from client.

Learning Outcomes

Through various first-hand wheelchair challenging experiences, the target participants will acquire different knowledge and change their mindset:

Empathy Leadership: People Driven Leadership Mindset
Retention Building: Sense of Belonging with a Positive Team and Family Spirit
Adaptability to Change: Embrace and Drive Change during difficult transitions
Communication: Build Open and Honest Relationships between team members and management
Resilience: Sportsmanship mentality – Cope with difficulties with a positive and can-do attitude


Comfort Zone Expansion

  • Discover New perspective in managing both time and energy management
  • Ignite your team Willingness of change and prepares their change of mindset
  • Understand that your teammates will have different perspective on Change in conflict

Post-workshop Impact

  • Team Motivation level increased
  • Making productive decision
  • Leadership style diversified
  • Communication with transparency
  • Turn pressure into innovation