Design Thinking Workshop

An experience that has never been seen before, stimulates innovative thinking. Learned a way to put aside your own thinking space to create a new project.

Hong Kong Broadband – Joined our Design Thinking Workshop

Experiential Design Thinking Workshop

Move beyond theory and dive into hands-on practice in Design Thinking

Our Experiential workshop focus to identify a “Worth-solving” pain point/ problem to fulfil a specific “Service Gap” as a product or service through participant engagement. Not only to learn the process of Design Thinking but also need how to execute into participants’ work and life.

We do both Full day (8 Hours) / Half day (4 Hours) practical & experiential workshops for participants to understand the model of the full design thinking process with the experience of applying the design thinking methodology to solve specific challenges.

Learning Outcomes

Through various first-hand wheelchair challenging experiences, the target participants will acquire different knowledge and change their mindset:

Shift of Mindset: Seeing problems with a new mindset and perspective
Digestible to Execute: How to use Design Thinking at work and in everyday life
Planning with Empathy: Understand how Empathy can affect the outcomes
Innovation: How to turn problems and challenges into feasible innovative solutions

Post-workshop Impact

  • Empathy sensitive awareness
  • Improve User Experience for clients and employees
  • Enhance the competitiveness of innovation
  • People Driven Leadership

Next Step

A jargon-free Design Thinking Playbook and Toolkit
We provide a handy and invaluable design thinking toolkit for busy individuals; to set a clear, well-structured guideline to help you understand and practice the simple, jargon-free language.

Lean Startup Workshop
It is a popular separate workshop for those wishing to take it one more step further in practising Design Thinking, especially for new project starters or Train-The-Trainer individuals and groups.