Our Story – Our Missions – Our DNAs

Our Story

Inclusive Impact Limited (融.聚.歷) begins from a long-term social problem: there are a lot of Para- or Disabled-athletes who become jobless or losing their support after they leave the national team. Tom, founder of Inclusive Impact, while he was the Great Britain Paralympic Badminton Coach, has witnessed many retired para-athletes’ lives dropping from the top to the bottom.

For him, this is a heartbroken phenomenon. Tom believes that retired para-athletes have extraordinary well strategic thinking, sportsmanship, encouragement and overview ability, influencing a team. However, their capabilities have not been discovered as well as performed in society.

So, he decided to do something about it.

Tom returned to Hong Kong in 2015, and he spent 18 months researching the topic of Inclusion and Social Enterprise, combining his ten years plus International Corporate career experience. He established the first challenging wheelchair workshop, which wheelchair-based elite athletes host—allowing participants to receive “latest” and “most popular” leadership management topics in the market, including Design Thinking, Change Management and Employees Retention. Team buildings enhance people skills such as resilience and transparent communication to achieve a mindset shift in thinking, innovative working methodology, people, and a strength-driven mentality.

Our Missions
  1. Provide a Dignified job and paid for people with disabilities
  2. Create a ‘Truly Inclusive’ experience where both disabled and abled-bodies came to learn and to have fun
  3. Provide an innovative, team-driven tailor-made down-to-earth experience to learn Teamwork, Design Thinking, Change Management and most importantly, Empathy
Our Workshops DNAs
  1. People Driven 
  2. Digestible
  3. Practicable