Our Founder

Tom Chui

Founder and Director (Chief Trainer)


Tom Chui, the Founder and Director of Inclusive Impact, was working in an international bank in both the UK and Shanghai regions over ten years. Meanwhile, he was also a Great Britain Paralympic Badminton Coach. Durig his seven years as a national team coach, Tom successfully led many athletes to qualify for the Para-badminton (Paralympic Games) and won 45+ international awards.

Over the years, he has witnessed a lot of retired para-athlete’s life dropping from the top to the bottom. For him, this is a heartbroken phenomenon. Tom believes that retired para-athletes have extraordinary well strategic thinking, sportsmanship, encouragement and overview ability, which can influence a team. However, their capabilities have not recognised as well as performed in the society.

After he returned to Hong Kong, found that the environment of disabled athletes in Hong Kong was worse than that of the UK,  so he decided to start Inclusive Impact.

Larry Li

Co-Founder and Director of Training and Organisational Innovation


Larry Li is a trainer and coach specialised in leadership development for non-profit organisations. In the last ten years, he has delivered leadership training programs, Design Thinking and lean startup training programs to hundreds of NGOs’ supervisors and social enterprise managers. He also coached managers of social service units and helped them to strengthen the teamwork.

Currently, he is the Director of Training & Organisational Innovation of Inclusive Impact. Before moving into his current role, he was a registered social worker and worked in the field of youth development and rehabilitation. He has extensive experience in adventure-based counseling, volunteer training and staff training.

In terms of social service, he was a voluntary coach for Caritas (Everbright Project 2013) and coached married couples.

Wing Lam

Co-Founder and Head of Talent Development


Wing Lam, the Co-Founder and Head of Talent Development of Inclusive Impact, loved various sports since his childhood, he has been aiming to become a mountain bike athlete. After his cervical spine-injured when he going to a mountain bike race in 1996, he changed to a para-rowing athlete and he has trained in Hong Kong Para-Rowing team and participated in different competitions in Hong Kong and internationally.

Wing actively explored the possibility of wheelchair sports. He had tried diving, wheelchair boxing, and was the first Hong Kong person with physical disabilities to take a paragliding parachute. He also used handcycle to board Taiwan’s Wuling. In November 2016, Wing completed more than 800 kilometers with both hands and completed the journey of hand cycling trip around Taiwan.

Wing is also a financial planning manager in insurance company.

Thomas Lam


Thomas Lam is a young adult passionate on the people with disability and education. He had already got 2000+ hours volunteering experience since he was 20, focusing on education and founded a project to teach grassroots primary school students’ homework for free and with less studying stress comparing to extra tutorial classes from school.

Meanwhile, Thomas had years’ experience on managing exchange tours over Asia with average 200 secondary school students per tour. He has experience in event management and youth and teenager’s facilitation.