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Our experiential workshop is a learning journey of design thinking, growth mindset combined with different team activities—
tailor-made training for staff from Entry-level to Senior Management, entry program from Orientation to Company Transformation.

We tailor-made the length of each workshop depends on the needs—range from half-day to ongoing monthly training. Our most popular ones are Half-Day (4 hours) and Full-Day (8 Hours).

To maximize the practical and profound impactful insight & experience during the training process, we recommend that training and coaching take place away from the client’s office; therefore, most training services take place in our classroom in Lai Chi Kok. But, of course, on-site at the client’s company training room is also available if required.

The most common pattern of our workshop consists of two stages:

1) A first-hand wheelchair experience, which is designed by the Inclusive Impact team. It aims to initiate customers’ willingness for change and prepares their shift in mindset;

2) Building a complete picture, starting with Design Thinking. Stanford University IDEO introduced this most popular and effective tool to set a new goal and achieve it using Lean Startup procedures. Participates will learn and grasp the idea of the tool within a day, and hence they will be able to apply it in their business and departments immediately.