Customer Testimony

“We can easily assume that disadvantaged people are fighting for more benefits. In fact, many life fighters are just fighting to retrieve equilibrium

“such a meaningful team building activity!”

“It helped me understand the difficulties wheelchair users encounter in daily life. I can reflect on how to integrate them into our society

I thought I knew it well…

At first, I thought this workshop may come as no surprise.  Have been wheeling around in my mom’s wheelchair since I was a kid, I thought I knew it well – and it turns out to be the most impactful experience I ever had.

I’m truly impressed by the meticulously planned activities that were interactive, inspiring and fun. That led us to EXPERIENCE each of the design thinking stages. It’s so much more than listening to the theory or using our own imagination. It’s a unique first-hand experience.

Fion Tse
Digital Marketing Manager
from one of HK’s leading developers