Spark (Team Building) Workshop

Inspiring and systematic. Facilitation skill is very good, can facilitation team spirit, need time to digest.

Vocational Training Council – Joined our Spark (Team Building) Workshop


Be a Spark & Enlighten us

To breakthrough Comfort zone, embrace the challenge with strong resilience and can-do attitude

Innovative experiential team building workshop for Leadership and Management skills focus to ignites your own change.

Our corporate team building workshop consists of five key elements in People and Change Management. It is ideal for team-building and retreat purposes, where the theme of each session can be tailor-made to the specific brief from client.

Learning in the Spark (Team Building) Workshop 

Through various first-hand wheelchair challenging experiences, the target participants will acquire different knowledge and change their mindset:

  • Leadership: To lead the team with empathy
  • Sense of Belonging: Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  • Adaptability to Change: Embrace and Drive Change
  • Communication: Build Open and Honest Relationships between team members and supervisors
  • Resilience: Cope with difficulties with a positive attitude

Comfort Zone Breakthrough during the Spark Workshop

  • Discover new perspective in managing both time and energy management
  • Ignite your team willingness of change and prepares their change of mindset
  • Understand that your teammates will have different perspective on change in conflict

Impact after the Spark (Team Building) Workshop

  • Build your ideal team and increase their motivation level
  • Make productive decision and boost your leadership skills
  • Master effective communication skills while foster innovation under pressure environments

Spark (Team Building) Workshop Brochure

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