Our Workshop

Our experiential workshop is a learning journey of design thinking, growth mindset combined with different team activities. It is a training for staffs in corporate management levels and government sectors.

We ran 4 hours and 8 Hours team building workshop for corporate and NGO’s. The majority of the corporate training services are conducted either in the classroom or through adventure camp. These methods may not be practical and profound due to the lack of impactful insight and experience during the training process.

Our corporate workshop consists of two stages: 1) a first-hand wheelchair experience, which is designed by Inclusive Impact team. It aims to initiate customers’ willingness for change, and prepares their shift in mindset; 2) design thinking and coaching. This is the most popular and effective tool introduced by Stanford University IDEO to set a new goal and achieve it by using Lean Startup procedures. Customers will learn and grasp the idea of the tool within a day, and hence they will be able to apply in their business and departments immediately.

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