Our Trainers

All the trainers and referees are people with disabilities

Over 80% of them are Hong Kong Athletes

Wing Lam

Head of Talent Development
Wing loved various sports since his childhood, he has been aiming to become a mountain bike athlete. After his cervical spine-injured when he going to a mountain bike race in 1996, he changed to a para-rowing athlete and he has trained in Hong Kong’s Para-Rowing team and participated in different competitions in Hong Kong and internationally.

Now, he is also a financial planning manager in insurance companies.


Daniel is a member of the Hong Kong Para-archery Training Team. When he was preparing for the exam on a morning in 2013, he suddenly lost his sense of lower limbs. He can’t control his lower limbs because of spinal injuries. Before the injury, he was a university engineering graduate. After the accident, he still completed a nuclear and risk engineering degree at City University.

Now, he is engaging in marketing and event planning.

Davis Dai

Davis was Hong Kong para-swimming team member and Hong Kong Para-Rowing team member. He also joined Standard Chartered Marathon 10km race for 15 years consequently from 2004 to 2018. At the age of 11 due to a serious traffic accident, the right leg was completely amputated, and during the subsequent treatment, the drug affected his hearing.

Now, he is a creative director at a social enterprise.

Michael Tang

Michael has been trained in regular badminton and aims to be a badminton coach. After the accidental spinal injury during water sports activities in Taiwan in 2010, the plan was forced to change and he had trained for two years in the Hong Kong Disabled Badminton Team and participated in different competitions.

Now, he is also a full-time Master of Arts in Taoist Studies at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary.

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