Design Thinking Workshop

An experience that has never been seen before, stimulates innovative thinking. Learned a way to put aside your own thinking space to create a new project.

Hong Kong Broadband – Joined our Design Thinking Workshop

Almost down-to-earth Design Thinking Training

Move beyond theory and dive into hands-on practice in Design Thinking 

Innovative thinking workshop for Design Thinking focus to ignites idea of your new project and engage participant to experience the process of Design Thinking.

Design Thinking Experiential Workshop is a one day/half day practical & experiential workshop for participants to understand the model of full design thinking process with the experience of applying the design thinking methodology to solve specific challenges.

Learning in the Design Thinking Workshop 

  • To equip participants about mindset of Design Thinking
  • To experience the full design thinking process with problem-framing, empathic interview, clue collection skills, creative idea generation, critical thinking and idea prototyping
  • To apply the Design Thinking model to turn innovative ideas into feasible solutions

A Clear Design Thinking Playbook and Toolkit

  • Set a clear, well-structured guideline to help you understand and practice the necessary skills about design thinking
  • Provide a clear playbook to apply design thinking in your work, expressed in simple, jargon-free language
  • We supply a handy and invaluable design thinking toolkit for busy managers

Impact after the Design Thinking Workshop

  • Build more loyal customers portfolio
  • Enhance the competitiveness of innovation
  • Lead with their peers


Design Thinking Workshop Brochure

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